2011 EM Image Contest Grand Prize Winner

Martina Dienstleder, Institute for Electron Microscopy at the Graz University of Technology, Austria

A micro-crack in steel after bending tests

Thermo Fisher Scientific is proud to announce that Martina Dienstleder of the Institute for Electron Microscopy at the Graz University of Technology has been awarded the grand prize in the 2011 Owner Image Contest for her entry "Microcanyon". The image was selected by our experts from the three monthly finalists, including "Alveoli" by Oliver Meckes and "Lamnacarus Ornatus" by Angelika Reichmann.

Overall, the entries were judged on their aesthetic appeal, application and scientific relevance, and overall creativity. Martina's entry shows a micro-crack in steel after bending tests, and the resulting image inspired her to colorize the micrograph, creating an amazing likeness of a canyon. The image was colorized by colleague Manuel Paller. Read more about Martina below.

About the Winner:

Martina Dienstleder was born in Graz in 1976. In 1993 she joined the Institute for Electron Microscopy at the Graz University of Technology to start her training as a chemical laboratory assistant. Since 1997 she has a fixed position with the laboratory staff at Graz Centre for Electron Microscopy, where she has specialized in mechanical, chemical and physical preparation of samples for Scanning Electron Microscopy and Transmission Electron Microscopy. Apart from sample preparation she has also been trained as a TEM operator. After installation of the Thermo Scientific Nova 200 NanoLab at the FELMI-ZFE in 2003 she focused on sample preparation and analysis with the Focused Ion Beam unit and on advancement of various TEM sample preparation methods. Her major field of activity is the fabrication of TEM samples for industry customers and scientific investigations (slogan: "the more difficult the better").

Martina is the mother of a twelve year old son, and is a keen dog fancier and a passionate motorcyclist. Martina likes to travel the world whenever her challenging position leaves her enough time for it. Martina's grand prize, a Nikon D7000 camera kit, will undoubtedly be put to good use in her travels.