2018 EM Image Contest

Thermo Fisher Scientific's Electron Microsope Image Contest

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we celebrate the achievements of our customers. They strive to resolve the world's problems through exploration and discovery. They seek to understand the mechanisms of life, make electronics that are more powerful and efficient, and sustain our environment through the development of novel materials and processes. During our annual image contest, we give our customers the opportunity to show that their work is not only scientifically relevant but also creative, artistic, and beautiful. We are proud to say that these images were captured using our instruments.

Share your images with the world! Thermo Fisher Scientific is proud to present our 2018 Image Contest. This is our chance to showcase the hidden beauty in your scientific work. Monthly winners will be selected and a Grand Prize will be awarded at the conclusion of the contest.

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The contest ends December 31, 2018. Terms and conditions apply.

Planet #1
Eric Formo, University of Georgia
2017 Image Contest Grand Prize Winner
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